Work at Frontline Analytics

Are you interested in working at Frontline Analytics as a Microsoft BI consultant? If interested in learning more about roles with Frontline Analytics, please send your resume and cover letter to

What to Expect

You would be assigned the role of delivering Frontline’s services clients such as building out Power BI solutions and advising on Azure data architectures and migrations. As a premium data analytics consultancy and Microsoft partner, you would be expected to consistently demonstrate professionalism, integrity, enthusiasm, and advanced technical skills.

Frontline Analytics engagements typically feature undefined requirements, tight delivery schedules, and regular collaboration with both technical and business stakeholders. Frontline consultants are therefore comfortable operating in environments of uncertainty and pressure as well as generating and clearly communicating technical ideas to diverse audiences. In order to work here you must be willing to constantly invest in your skillset and to push yourself to become the best Microsoft BI consultant you’re capable of becoming.  


  • You have a verifiable track record of building and/or administering Microsoft BI solutions
  • You’ve contributed to or led the design and architecture of MSBI solutions
  • You regularly work with and study the latest MSBI and Azure data tools including Power BI, Azure Synapse and Azure SQL
  • You’re demonstrated resilience when projects didn’t go as expected.
  • You’ve fostered productive relationships with business and technical stakeholders via your work and communication skills.
  • You can describe project examples in which you improved the performance of Power BI or Analysis Services models
  • You can describe project examples of implementing security for BI solutions such as row-level security in Analysis Services or Azure Synapse SQL
  • You comfortably write queries and scripts in each of the following languages: T-SQL, DAX, Power Query (M), and PowerShell?
    • You believe you’re an expert in one or multiple of these languages?


  • Your work and professional growth is more important to you than almost everything else.
  • You don’t want to be given orders but rather have autonomy to create solutions.
  • In terms of technology, you’re a perfectionist that’s always seeking a more optimal approach and considering the details of every variable impacting the given scenario.
  • You present the facts of situations and your honest perspective with everyone at all times.