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Research and Advisory Services

Current State Analysis, Microsoft SQL Server and Power BI Consulting

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Solution Design

Solution Blueprints and Architecture guidance for new and existing SSAS Tabular and Power BI projects

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Solution Development

Advanced DAX, T-SQL, M, R, PowerShell and more development skills to deliver powerful, automated BI and analytics solutions

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Microsoft and Power BI
Your priorities, our passion

Research and Advisory

Business Outcomes Clarity and detail supporting BI Strategy and Architecture decisions Awareness of the latest features, roadmap, and industry trends Enhanced BI development and delivery capabilities Certainty that your team or resources will have the skills required for your organization A new normal in data innovation The pace of innovation and product delivery in data […]

Solution Design

Business Outcomes Scalable, Sustainable BI Solutions that integrate your organization’s priorities with the capabilities of the technology Clarity on the trade-offs of design alternatives available to support an informed BI design decision Reduced IT and Business cost and complexity Version control and data governance A Sound Foundation Solution design involves the logical and technical methodologies […]

Solution Development

Business Outcomes Insights and visibility to your top business questions and processes Embedded business logic and analytics to detect and drive key events Integration of data sources to common data models BI Developers at Heart Deep down, Frontline Analytics associates are BI developers at heart.  We simply love to code, analyze, test and tune code, and when appropriate integrate […]

Performance Tuning

Business Outcomes Elimination of slow reports and dashboards Reduction or re-allocation of IT resource usage Transparency to workload resource requirements relative to resources Efficient and effective support of BI solutions It’s right, but is it fast? Even with all the advances in columnar data storage, compression, in-memory and distributed query processing technologies it’s still very possible to build a […]

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Microsoft Power BI Cookbook

Microsoft Power BI Cookbook The Microsoft Power BI Cookbook is available for pre-order. Additional details are available on Insights Quest.

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